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April 2009

What is a Witness Testimony?

Perhaps your NVQ Assessor or tutor has asked you to obtain a witness testimony as part of your assessment plan …

How to write a good reflective account for your NVQ.

Your account will be a record of events that actually happened. It must be reflected in your style of writing as what you did not someone else.
For example – I did this and then I did that
It is NOT acceptable to write I would do this as this does not demonstrate that you have done it or have been doing it.
If possible write about why you took the actions stated.
For example –When I arrived at Mrs A’s home I put on my gloves and apron to ensure I protect t he service user and myself from infection…..
Throughout your account you must maintain confidentiality by using Mrs A, R or any other alphabet rather than using their actual names or addresses.

What kind of support can I get here ?

Looking for help with your NVQ 2, NVQ 3 in health and social care, A1 award or PTTLS 7303 assignments? Perhaps you …

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