Unit 203 & Unit 220

This resource is suitable for you if you have chosen unit 203 (Maintain customer Relations) and/ or unit 220 (Operate office equipment), as optional units within this NVQ BA Level 2.

For Unit 203, you will be dealing with customers’ queries and requests whether internal or external to your organisation. You will have to demonstrate you have built positive working relationship with your customers over time and you ensure services are provided according to agreed timescales and quality standards, whilst meeting customers’ needs and expectations.

For Unit 220, ideally, you should be carrying out administrative tasks using different types of equipment at work. You will need to have an understanding of using the equipments you handle. For this particular unit you will be required to demonstrate competence in a minimum of six different equipments you use at work. You will also need to show you follow manufacturer’s instruction and organisation’s procedures when handling and maintaining office equipment in your work place.

  • This resource contains specimen questions and answers to all the knowledge specification (KS) for both units.
  • It also comes with free access to the online support centre where you can ask your questions which relate to these units and get answers from an experience Assessor.

Note: This item is available in downloadable PDF format via email link within 24 hours of payment.

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