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NVQ Level 2

NVQ Level 2 in Health and Social Care

Having formal qualifications and training in Health and Social Care makes you invaluable to your employer within the Health and Social Care sector irrespective of the kind of care setting – this could be a sheltered housing, a residential/nursing home or domiciliary care settings.

Achieving an NVQ qualification in Health and Social Care can strengthen the skills you already have to carry out your Job roles and also help in filling any knowledge gaps that might exist in your career development but above all you will gain a valuable qualification that any employer will reckon with. NVQs are not about going on courses, studying, or passing exams. They are about assessment of competence against a nationally recognized standard. It provides an opportunity for people, who have been doing a good job for years, to be recognized for their competence and achieve a worthwhile qualification.

NVQ Level 2 Care will be suitable for you if you report to and take instructions from a manager or supervisor.

Your job role will have some responsibility and may require you to work as part of a team. With NVQ Level 2 you will develop a clear understanding of your specific role and responsibilities and you will be shown how you can help to create a safe, healthy environment for yourself and those you care for. NVQ Level 2 course units also cover equality, discrimination and stereotyping and you’ll see the day-to-day problems caused by prejudice within a care environment.

The details about NVQ Level 2 Care has been covered in a number of articles on our homepage, topics like how to write a reflective account, what is a witness testimony?, APL/APEL as evidence for NVQ, Different kinds of reflective account; in addition we have product packages for different units within this course. They are listed below starting with the mandatory units and the optional units following after.  These course units are simplified and can easily be completed using our products and services.

To gain the full NVQ Level 2 Care all four mandatory units and two optional units must be achieved, this makes a total of 6 units.

See a detailed list of options here:

Mandatory Units

HSC21 – Communicate with and complete records for individuals.

HSC22 – Support the health and safety of yourself and individuals.

HSC23 – Develop your knowledge and practice.

HSC24 – Ensure your own actions support the care, protection and well-being of individuals.

Optional Units

HSC27 – Support individuals with their daily living.

HSC29 – Support individuals to meet their domestic and individual needs.

HSC213 – Provide food and drink for individuals.

HSC214 – Help individuals to eat and drink.

HSC218 – Support individuals with their personal care needs. 

HSC221 – Administration of medication.

HSC223 – Contribute to moving and handling individuals.

You will get more detailed information about each of these units by visiting the articles links listed below:

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