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Mandatory Units

Specimen questions and answers for Knowledge Specification. Fully referenced  reflective account covering Performance Criteria for HSC31, HSC32, HSC33, HSC35.

(This Resource Package is designed to be used as a guide not to be copied or submitted as your own work).

NVQ 3: Mandatory Units.

This package is fully referenced and contains:
  • HSC31 – Promote effective communication for and about individuals. Questions and specimen answers for the full 19 Knowledge Specification

  • HSC32 – Promote, monitor and maintain health, safety and security in the working environment. Questions and specimen answers for the full 17 Knowledge Specification

  • HSC33 – Reflect on and develop your practice. Questions and specimen answers for the full 11 Knowledge Specification

  • HSC35 – Promote choice and protection of all individuals. Questions and specimen answers for the full 23 Knowledge Specification.

  • 1 fully referenced sample of a reflective account covering Performance Criteria for the mandatory and some optional units

  • Free access to online support from a team of experienced NVQ Assessors.

Watch The Preview Video Below.

Note: This item is available in downloadable PDF format via email link instantly after successful payment.  Alternatively you can purchase the hard copy for the price of £20 (this includes printing, postage and packaging costs) CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE HARD COPY

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  • admin
    Hello Maria Your assessor is perfectly correct that it is possible to produce all these evidence in one reflective account but its optional. Its a difficult task to meet most of the performance criteria for your 8 units in one evidence therefore I suggest you do it unit by unit. We have just the right resource to guide you on this with samples of reflective account also. Visit our page on reflective account samples http://www.nvqmadesimple.com/nvq-3/reflective-account-samples/ I wish you the best. Abiodun

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