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Welcome to NVQMadeSimple where you’ll find practical help on QCF Matters that you face on your course, your career and on the job. Whether you’re about to take a QCF Course, already on a course and are somehow stuck, moving up in your field or career and need a coach to take you step by step all the way to the top, we can help.

About Us

NVQMadeSimple is an online support centre for learners and assessors within the work based sector. Since 2008 we have been creating E-resources and providing one to one support for candidates on the former NVQ Health & Social Care and Business Admin. Currently the new qualification called the QCF.

We’ve helped thousands of learners across United Kingdom who undertook the NVQ Qualifications to understand the elements of their qualifications, the how-to’s and to cut out the jargon in the standards and simplify the process of completing the NVQ/ QCF Courses.

You may have found this website because you were searching for solutions, help to get through your QCF, maybe you are even thinking of quitting and your employer has told you it’s compulsory for you to complete this QCF in order to keep your job and you are now stuck. NVQ Made Simple helps you unstuck yourself and gets you back on track with your course.

We understand the way it feels and that’s why NVQ Made Simple was created to demystify all the jargon within your QCF, to simplify the learning journey and get you on top of your course work.

How We Can Help You.

One to one support – are you behind on your assignments and time is running out, you have lost concentration or focus due to work and home commitments.

Maybe since you registered for the QCF course you never really understood what to do. That’s why we are here!

We will talk you through your assignments and you will get your work done within the shortest time possible. This is practically holding your hand to ensure you get through each unit. You’ll do the talking and we’ll do the research with you and the typing.

Quick Guide E-resources are available, you know what to do but you just need a guide; you can get your work done quicker and faster. Get the QCF Made Simple E-resources on the units you need guidance with. These resources are structured according to the units within your QCF. Solutions, tips, links and guides to all the criteria are made available.

Career Coaching, everyone in life has the potential to pursue their maximum level of fulfilment in their career; however some need help to keep focus and achieve success by making progressive steps in the direction of their choice. We help candidates unlock their highest potentials to maximize the opportunities in their career with affordable an affordable coaching session and purpose driven social group.

Free Webinars and blog posts: to keep you up to date on the QCF courses, assessment processes, course content and career development tips.

Private Online Membership groups for learners and assessors

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